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CLAWS Fabrication and Engineering is a young and vibrant welding service provider with a vast background of the Industry, a very good understanding and experience of the technicality of steel products.

Qualifications and Procedures in different Materials: Mild (carbon steel), Stainless Steel, Chrome, Aluminum, Bronze and Copper.

Experience in the marine Industry to the Chemical Oil and Gas Industry proves the quality of workmanship.

CLAWS Fabrication and Engineering is a customer service organization. Established in 2008 by Clyde Adams to provide lasting quality service to Corporations and Companies, in handling both large and small scale projects with excellence to accommodate the client’s required expectations.

The nature of the projects taken in by the company ranges from manufacturing, fabricating, welding and installing of general steel construction and metalwork provided by these corporations.

The company is fully compliant with government regulations concerning previously disadvantaged individuals and Black Economic Empowerment.



    Management is firmly committed to a policy enabling all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to remove (or at least reduce) risks to the health, safety and welfare of workers, contractors, authorised visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by our operations.
    We are committed to ensuring we comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993, and applicable Codes of Practice and SABS Standards as far as possible.



    Will provide and maintain as far as possible:
    ·         a safe working environment
    ·         safe systems of work
    ·         plant and substances in safe condition
    ·         facilities for the welfare of workers
    ·         information, instruction, training and supervision that is reasonably necessary to ensure that each worker is safe from injury and risks to health
    ·         a commitment to consult and co-operate with workers in all matters relating to health and safety in the workplace
    ·         a commitment to continually improve our performance through effective safety management.


    Each worker has an obligation to:
    ·         comply with safe work practices, with the intent of avoiding injury to themselves and others and damage to plant and equipment
    ·         take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others
    ·         wear personal protective equipment and clothing where necessary
    ·         comply with any direction given by management for health and safety
    ·         not misuse or interfere with anything provided for health and safety
    ·         report all accidents and incidents on the job immediately, no matter how trivial
    ·         report all known or observed hazards to their supervisor or manager.

    Application of this policy

    We seek the co-operation of all workers, customers and other persons. We encourage suggestions for realising our health and safety objectives to create a safe working environment with a zero accident rate.
    This policy applies to all business operations and functions, including those situations where workers are required to work off-site.
  • The eagle emblem, represents a strong force and accuracy knowing what its purpose is and to make the best of each situation. This relates to the work force and team strength within the workplace.
    We aim at optimum client satisfaction through our teamwork approach, involving the clients throughout all phases of the projects at hand.
    Striving for the highest standards of honesty, consistency and integrity to be professional at all times.
    We aim to set a transparent and ethical trend in the working, construction industry. 
    Developing new skills and techniques to benefit the company and workforce to achieve excellent results with and all/any projects that they would be contracted to complete
    Believing in making it all the way to the top, from small jumps to spreading the wings and flying to better opportunities and success. 
  • To be recognized locally and internationally for engineering education and for leadership to the profession.
    CLAWS takes a partnership approach to help promote sustainable and economic growth. Through our professional expertise in Design, engineering and construction, we guide and support our clients so that you can make a difference in our world. 
    We will continue to ensure that our projects are mutually successful for all and endeavor to forge lasting relationships.
    Our contribution to the built environment reaches far beyond the Mechanical and Industrial; and our work allows our clients to innovatively provide products and services to people around the world and locally.
    To continue being an efficient Preferred Contractor working in an ethical and balanced manner, Also to earn the privilege of being the Preferred Contractor of choice.
    We are determined and energized to achieve our shared vision, mission and strategic objectives together. This dedication to a common purpose stands behind our commitments to customers, partners, and one another, driving us to excellence in our results and in how we achieve them.
    u CLAWS to be well established and recognized in the Industry, Develop and Strategize growth within the company for all Employees. To have stability and strength in all Functional Units in the company. Training Academy to be Accredited and offer full on training for developing artisans in the Industry.   

    u Marketing and Sales throughout the country and touch international grounds. To achieve Capital Investment Projects 

    u Establish Sustainability for all clients and projects, Large Team to operate within many trades, Civil, Steel, Design, Manufacture.

  • u COMPANY - C L A W S Fabrication and Engineering (Pty) LTD
    u COMPANY Registration Number – 2016/245691/07




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